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By Neil Dougan

How Consciousness affects Healthy Weight and How You can use a change in Consciousness to Achieve the Body of Your Dreams, without restrictive diets, no surgery or medication, and without special exercise regimes.

Copyright Neil Dougan 2014, All rights reserved.

Perth, West Australia


What You Will Learn by Reading This Book

How a 53 Year old man - Me- could go from Obese to Healthy Weight without changing his diet nor changing his exercise, and how You can get the same results.

Why you, just like many others have most likely tried and failed at diets and exercise. (It really isn’t your fault and you should stopt beating yourself up about it)

Confirm what you have always suspected; that the skinny people really do have bodies that work differently and how you can have a body that works just like theirs.

How consciousness can change how your body works at the deepest levels to make you trimmer, healthier and more energetic.

The fine detail on tools to help seeing the relationship between the specific consciousness’s and the physical and mental levels of the body, the physical systems of the body and the mental/emotional processes and how all of this works together to make you trimmer.

Recognise how the changes that are possible mean that you will be far healthier in almost any way you could think of.

A step by step self help guide to “Five steps you can take yourself to work toward the body of your dreams”


As a practitioner of consciousness based medicine I have noted a trend for clients to be increasingly struggling with their weight. This is often despite huge effort and care being taken by these individuals to severely restrict their diet, and often with them undertaking extraordinary exercise programs as well.

My own journey has also involved a fascination with diet and exercise as I had always found weight management a problem. My response was a variety of restrictive diets and also binge exercise. I basically tried and failed at all of these diets, even the ones with science so compelling that I believed them totally.

With the advent of my new focus on the consciousness issues of weight I found that without changing diet or exercise my weight has dropped from the obese level into the healthy weight range as measured by Body Mass Index (BMI).

The first stage in the development of the Trim Your Weight programme was an original peer reviewed research project. At the time of publication of this book the research is being written up as a PhD dissertation. The research project worked with a group of 68 Obese individuals in Perth, West Australia. This book is based on the findings of that research.

The result was highly significant and provided huge opportunity for review and improvement leading to the development of the current Trim Your Weight programme.

Trim Your Weight is the only programme I know of which will work with you on every level I can conceive of, to move past barriers with joy and ease, no matter where or what those barriers may be. You can have a Trim body, which will provide a healthier framework for the rest of your life.

The book is written to be read from the front to the back, however feel free to jump to areas that grab your attention first. The five steps can be started on straight away however they will have more meaning if you have absorbed the information in the body of the book first.

Have fun, be full of joy and ease, be light on yourself, and feel free to keep in touch at


An Everyday Man Attains Healthy Weight with Ease and Joy. You Can Too!

Overweight and Obesity lead to multiple diseases, and in fact Obesity and the complications of it account for more deaths every year than any other single factor in the Western world, and the Eastern world is fast catching up with these horror statistics.

The traditional view of weight management is that if you consume more food than your body needs as energy, and building blocks for maintenance, then you will put on fat.

So “Energy in and Energy out” is all that most traditional Weight Loss experts really focus on.

What the “old school scientists” say then is that you are either eating too much food, especially too much of high energy foods, or else that you are not exercising enough.

What these Old School Scientists are actually saying to you is that :-

you are greedy and lazy

Not very nice, and extremely hurtful to the millions of people all over the world who work their backsides into a frenzy to try and get into shape, and maybe this idea is pretty upsetting to you too.

Now I wasn’t very happy to think along those lines and I am sure you aren’t either. The good news is the “new school scientists” like me, are saying that there are a tremendous number of other factors involved, and better still that it is not your fault that many of these factors are in play, and even better that there are many opportunities to improve most if not all of these other factors.

What I have shown is that there is a further factor in the equation, which is consciousness. Consciousness impacts on every facet of your body and mind, and as we show, that through the use of appropriate tools, obtaining Healthy Weight is absolutely obtainable without punishing yourself.

My own diet is based on food I buy from a local supermarket, and my exercise is just what I do to get about my everyday life, including things like walking my son 10 minutes to school, but no specific exercise regime and certainly no sport type training. During the time I developed and tested the Trim Your Weight Programme I very deliberately made sure I was making no change in either of these issues. My total weight loss was 21 kilograms or about 22% (1/5) of my overall weight.

You too can have a result like this.

So what about the extreme diets and exercise? Can I really lose weight permanently without changing much at all?

I guess about now you will be asking yourself “Is this guy for real? – There are no freebies in my experience!” Well I think you need to maintain your cautious approach and read what I have to say with an open mind and heart. I talk from my own experience both as an individual and as a busy practitioner seeing many, many people who have struggled for years often decades with their weight, have generally tried every diet imaginable and have worn out countless pairs of jogging shoes. These people are now getting spectacular results and so can you.

What happens when something small is changed

If you have a facebook account or similar and you have ever shown an interest in any of the ads for health or body image of any sort then you, like me, will have been deluged with advertisements for miracle diets and exercise regimes. The odd thing is that many of these actually help improve the situation and often the odder the proposition the more effect it has.

So how does that work? Basically in simple terms it is possible to trick or encourage the body into behaving in a different way. In each case there is a changed consciousness being triggered as well. A really good example which confounds the “old school thinking” is the exercise regimes that advocate explosive bursts of activity over quite short periods of time (often only 2-5 minutes). The muscle tissues respond by resting activity that leads to real improvements in muscle mass. The tissue in this case is “tricked” into changing its habits (more on this later). Just how you do this will be covered in the five things you can do yourself to help work toward the body of your dreams.

Similarly certain foods will trigger certain behaviours as well, so dropping a certain food or adding another can sometimes “trick” the body into a different pattern of metabolism. Belief systems and the actual consciousness of the specific foods are involved in this, but well under the surface of most people’s awareness.

Unfortunately people then tend to believe that one food or other is the “Devil in disguise” For them they maybe think a food like bananas are extra bad or perhaps they believe that bananas are extra good.

A better way to look at this is to ask such questions as “what is the consciousness of a banana and how does that interrelate with the consciousness of my fatty tissues”, or, “how do bananas as they are digested interact with the bacteria living in my gut and how might that interact with how I manage sugar in my body?”, or perhaps, “how the taste and texture of bananas as I am eating them might affect the responses of my hormone systems?”

When I fully realised the real power of this connection I knew that here was a more integrated way of approaching this issue of Healthy Weight.

How this knowledge will help prepare you for a long healthy life.

Perhaps for you, the struggle over weight has been a life long matter, in fact studies reported on by Dr Patrick Porter have found that the average length of dieting today for a woman in North America is in excess of 40 years.

I don’t have figures for Australia but I am sure there is a similar story playing out here as well. The impact that this single issue has on the psychological wellbeing of an individual is nothing short of extraordinary.

This pattern of yoyo restrictive diets and binge exercise plays out in multiple diseases of the body as well. New research indicates that Yoyo dieting is in fact extremely harmful, and leads to a progressive worsening of the metabolic trauma that obesity causes.

Added to this complex of fears, is the certainty of us all living far longer than our forebears and the fear of suffering badly from weight related health problems as we age.

It is difficult to determine what a true genetic destiny for expected age at death is, however estimates now run from 130 years to 200 years. As I write this I am 53 and the idea of potentially living for another 150 years is sobering to be certain! To manage this unfolding reality the emerging fields of consciousness based medicine, will need to become far more mainstream and far more evolved. Pharmaceuticals and surgery will not be in any way enough to ensure that we have a healthy state of body and mind

With the advent of my further study into the consciousness issues affecting every aspect of our health, I became aware of several patterns of consciousness’s which were similar in many clients cases, and were in fact specific to the management of weight. These led to the “Trim Your Weight Programme” we apply in the clinical setting, as well as the self help tools I describe in “Five steps you can take yourself to help maintain a harmonious mind/body approach to Healthy Weight, and achieve the body of your dreams”

The Trim Your Weight Programme will provide You on all levels of Body and Mind and Consciousness with inner tools which will help you to be more healthy generally and certainly have a much better relationship with the food you eat and of course have a body which carries less weight.

This original research excluded people under the age of 18 and pregnant women for the reason that children really need a different set of metrics applied and in the case of pregnant women an individualised plan is more appropriate.

The epidemic of youth obesity is a massive issue. I regularly treat children in this category in the clinic, and the range of consciousness issues that need resolution is extraordinary and likely to be growing every year in our fast evolving society. The impact of the obesity on their young bodies is often cause for serious concern for their parents and caregivers, and the health professionals they interact with.

We have an adapted Trim Your Weight Program in place to work with Children (<18 years) For details on this please contact me at and I can talk over the specific approach.

What Weight should I be?

The details of how we look at this question in the clinic are referred to in the appendix.

As a summary here there is no absolute right or wrong weight target for every person on the planet. There are however some useful guidelines, and we have modified and adapted those agreed to by the world’s major health authorities to suit the purposes of our programme. If you are reading this out of general interest then the body mass index is a very easy way to get a very simplified idea of a reasonable target. The calculation is weight (Kg) divided by height(M) times height(M). Weight should be measured in meters and weight in Kilograms. If the answer to this question is between 18 and 22 then it is likely you are in a reasonable target range.

The objective measurements are useful but also important is how you feel in yourself. If your weight is limiting your movement, or perhaps it is a concern to you how you look in the mirror, or it may be that you would like to lose a few kilos from a particular part of your body or perhaps you feel you are very overweight and so for your case, you will have a lesser or larger target for weight loss.

What about someone I know who is anorexic? Can you help with them too? I hear some of you ask. Well the short answer is yes. In fact the approach we take with the programme is identical for someone who is systematically starving herself (or himself) to death. They are unlikely to be reading this book, but we can definitely help them too, so it is up to you to take action and contact us.

In fact one member of the team here at Trim Your Weight had suffered from this illness as a child, and thankfully received the help she needed to become whole again.

So what are the Consciousness issues surrounding Weight.

The range of issues is enormous and possibly beyond counting. What I have assembled are the most common factors, and also how these tend to interrelate with the functioning of our bodies.

In these chapters we explore these and at the end of each chapter I refer you to the Self-help options which are most applicable, and also to how these issues are managed in much greater detail in the Trim Your Weight Programme.

Every person who is overweight, without exception, will have issues with at least some of these consciousness’s and for many of you, many if not most will apply.

Beliefs, Thoughts, Feelings and Memories

Everybody has a network of thoughts and feelings, habits, beliefs, memories, and experiences which relate to their physical appearance, how they behave in life, their body shape and their weight.

To be healthy we need there to be a level of objectivity about the self observation, we need to have “mirrors or microscopes” to allow us to see into these issues with appropriate accuracy and having seen and witnessed the issues we need to then be able to release the effect that these matters have over our entire systems.

Importantly we also need to develop and nourish Love and Acceptance of ourselves, regardless of where we are on the journey to the body of our dreams.

It should be noted that this network of beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and memories can include epigenetic factors which are inherited at birth as well as all of your life’s experience, and also in some cases other alternative conscious experience.

The beliefs, thoughts, feelings and memories can in many cases become so strong that they almost seem to take on a life of their own. When several of them conspire together then the effect on almost any system in the body can be dramatic, and behaviors like how we relate to food can be severely impacted upon.

To give you an idea of how complex these networks can be lets look at an imaginary person Chris. Although she is an imaginary person, I have found that these sorts of issues Chris faces are incredibly common and you may find that there may be some of these things that you can relate to as well.

So Chris had multiple experiences as a small child where she was shouted at by both her Mum and Dad for not eating up her food, today she continuously finishes up food left on her children’s plate, or else is so enraged with them that she shouts at them and is nowadays always making sure nothing is left uneaten.

Chris hates shopping because money is tight and yet most of her money goes on food purchases which she hopes will make her feel better, foods that remind her of the kind auntie who she sometimes visited with as a small child.

Chris’s Great Grandmother had had some experience of “hard times” with money and hence food availability.

While Chris was a child she always carried a bit of excess weight. Kids at school teased her and this turned into outright bullying by the time she was in her teens. The teasing left her feeling incredibly unattractive.

Chris got bigger and bigger and began to not see how her body was changing.

Where she had the opportunity Chris was sometimes a bully herself, and this started with her younger brother who started getting heavy even earlier than Chris.

Chris never thought anyone would find her attractive enough to be her life partner, let alone her soul mate, so she took up with a man who was far from a perfect match and in the marriage she suffered further bullying.

She divorced after the abuse became too much and particularly at the begging of her sister and mother who by now were very concerned about her situation.

As a solo Mum Chris suffered from a melancholy so deep that she was eventually diagnosed with depression.

She went through a progression of jobs which were unfulfilling, and she felt increasingly fragile especially handling her own eldest daughter who was becoming a handful and was having unhappy relationships with boys while still at school.

A happy day came when she met a man who was a far better match for her at the deepest levels. Len is a big man himself and he didn’t mind that she was now quite overweight.

While they were dating she began to diet in earnest and the pattern of YoYo dieting which had been a minor part of her life before now became a persistent issue. Len himself was self conscious of his own body and when his father died of a coronary attack soon after they were married and his brother was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes, they both became fearful for their own health.

The shelf became full of diet books and none of them yielded much success. Attempts to exercise met with a series of injuries to ankles and knees, meaning trying to exercise was hardly an option.

Sound familiar in parts? – I am sure there is some resonance in there somewhere, if you did resonate you are just like many of my clients, all of whom are making great progress.

So that is the story of Chris and all of those around her. Every one of the experiences in her life that I mentioned will have had a cumulative and profound effect on Chris from the deepest functioning of her mind, to all aspects of her bodies functioning.

She will have patterns of trauma, which will have led to changes in the way her brain functions which in turn will have impacted on almost every aspect of her metabolism. Almost every aspect of her relationship with food, her body, and her sense of self will have become compromised by these factors.

She will have become a victim of this advance of symptoms, and being overweight will have become a reality that seems impossible for her to overcome – well that is until she meets me J

It is vital that all of these issues have their body function effects released from the memory/emotion/habit, and for beliefs to be systematically repaired and their emotional charges released.

There are a number of ways to achieve this and without doubt the Trim Your Weight program in its entirety is masterful at achieving this outcome. The process within the program combines the release through Energy Psychology techniques including a modified form of EFT and also using the energy medicine techniques of BodyTalk, specific counseling, and other therapy.

The self help techniques we offer in the “Five steps you can take yourself to help maintain a harmonious mind/body approach to Healthy Weight” focus on a specific variation of the Emotional Freedom Technique, and are included in the Appendix.

There are some specific “Natural Consciousness’s” which the Trim Your Weight program really focuses on achieving as chief motivators within the entire mind/body system. These Natural Consciousness’s include

Love of Self

Natural Desire for Body Movement



Objective self-observation

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