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All of the content you need for the program can be found on the Tabs below. It is all fairly easy to follow. The main thing to get into the habit of today is to listen to the daily audio. You can either listen directly from here by using the Audio Streaming Tab - or you can download all of the audios from the Audio Download Tab and listen to them from itunes or any other player.

Saturday is the module specific day. Each Saturday you work through the modules week by week (Some people prefer to go more slowly so you can take longer if you want to) as can be found in the lower Tabs. The audios for Monday to Friday are repeated each week. Saturday is the weekly specific Audio and these are found below the Core Audios and are marked TRIM ... On Sunday you select from any of the audios (help on selecting can be found in the link below)

For More instructions and Background Information including Advice on Health and Safety and other matters go HERE

  • Audio Streaming
  • Audio Downloads
  • TRIM 1 Mind and Emotions
  • TRIM 2 - Water
  • Trim 3 - Energy Consumption
  • Trim 4 - Metabolism
  • Trim 5 - Food
  • Trim 6 - Appetite
  • trim 7 - Fear
  • Trim 8 - Brain Chemistry
  • trim 9 - Energy Management
  • trim 10 - Ageing
  • trim 11 - Information
  • trim 12 - Digestion
  • trim13 - Microbiome
  • trim 14 -  Cellular Chemistry
  • trim 15 - Metabolism and Ageing
  • trim 16
  • trim 17
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